Drawing and making Mandalas is a wonderful way to free your creativity and to have fun. Mandalas and circles can be sacred symbols of life, and the very act of creation involves starting from nothing or a single dot and expanding continuously, infinitely. The act of making a mandala can be soothing and sparks creativity if you begin with no plan and draw on your inner resources to come up with new symbols, marks and patterns with each new round of the circle design.

Making nature mandalas is a fun and accessible art activity for all ages. Once a child is able to draw a circle and understands the making of a circle and how to create a pattern then it is possible for them to make mandalas with natural objects. The students I teach have made mandalas with leaves, sticks, sand, flowers and flower petals, bark, stones and rocks, seedpods, grass and bark chips. As long as it is a natural object it is suitable for making nature mandalas. The surface you make them on is just as flexible, but its best if it is reasonably flat and sheltered from the wind.

Step 1 Begin with the middle object, shape or ‘dot’

Step 2 Make a circle around that dot using repeated patterns and objects to create the circles

Step 3 Make another circle and another, keep expanding adding detail and pattern. Enjoy the process and your unfolding creativity!

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