Making art can heal us. When we are stressed and uninspired, being in nature while making art can be a way to heal people and the planet. Making art outdoors can strengthen our connection to nature and can bring us peace and serenity. Nature inspires awe and wonder and art making fuels our creativity, empowering us to live a richer life. Living becomes more fulfilling and playful. At Honeyeater Nature Art we aim to feel as free in nature as we felt during childhood. Honeyeater shows people how to connect with nature through making art. Art making can be non-threatening, healing and fun at any age.

Making art in nature provides experiences that enrich and uplift our hearts and spirits and make life more joyful. One of the best ways to connect with nature is to spend time sitting, listening and looking deeply. Making art in nature requires us to do all these things and leaves us with both a finished product and a deeper connection to the place we have visited and made art. Being in nature in such a deep way enables us to be healed and soothed, and also builds a respect and love for nature that encourages us to care for it more deeply. One of the best ways to encourage care and respect for the environment in the next generation is to spend time making art in natural environments.

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