Hello I’m Jane, your teacher

I have taken a long and winding path to arrive here as a teacher at Honeyeater Nature Art. A lifelong artist, when I left school I thought the best way to express this and to make a living from my art was a Degree in Design and Illustration at University. When the prospect of getting a job in my home city looked slim, I took time out to travel and work as and environmental volunteer, working in both South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Eventually the need to earn money became pressing and I took a job creating product graphics for a whitegoods manufacturer. A couple of even more unsatisfying jobs in manufacturing design and pre-press followed, but I continued my creative development, studying painting and life drawing at night. After travelling, soul searching and a tonne of research I decided it would be more fun to teach what I knew to high school students. This led to Degree number two in Secondary Art Education.

Teaching in high schools was rewarding but demanding and when the time came to have my first child I gave up teaching for full-time mothering. Once my children were at school and kindergarten the teaching bug hit again and I shared my love of art with a group of women who came to my home studio for lessons. At this time I was also coordinating our local playgroup, working with children and their parents and grandparents. I became consumed with providing educational experiences, a rich learning environment, and nature play opportunities for the children. I became interested in becoming a kindergarten teacher. So I completed Degree number three in Early Childhood Education. My experience in art teaching led to being offered work as an art teacher in primary schools.

In 2015 I took a two term break to travel around Australia with my husband and two boys. You can read about it here. It was on this journey that the idea for Honeyeater Nature Art was hatched.

Finally, I have found the thing I can bring my whole self to which enables me to be of service to both people and the planet. Art, education and my deep love of nature have converged. I am now continuing to paint and also to teach children and adults, sharing the joys of creativity and getting out in nature. I am passionate about living creatively and treading lightly and am excited to share my experience and knowledge with my students.

Are artists born or made?

October 3rd, 2016|Comments Off on Are artists born or made?

The artist John Olsen, aged 89, an icon of the Australian art world was recently quoted as saying that ‘Artists are born, they can’t be trained.’ The comment sparked fierce debate on the ArtsHub Facebook [...]

Walking as inspiration gathering

August 12th, 2016|Comments Off on Walking as inspiration gathering

Julia Cameron the world renowned creativity coach who wrote ‘The Artists Way’ recommends walking as an essential practice for anyone who wants to boost their creativity. I wholeheartedly agree with her. Walking works on many [...]

Making art can heal us

May 15th, 2016|Comments Off on Making art can heal us

Making art can heal us. When we are stressed and uninspired, being in nature while making art can be a way to heal people and the planet. Making art outdoors can strengthen our connection to [...]

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